The Concept of man in Islam in the writings of al-Ghazali by Ali Issa Othman

This book was published in 1960 by dar al-maʾārif Press of Cairo, I was just able to get a copy of it this past month. Note that it has a line drawing by the author of what he imagines Imam al-Ghazali to be. Its a very nice line drawing. I have included it here along with the table of contents.


Title: The Concept of man in Islam: In the writings of al-Ghazali

Author: Ali Issa Othman

Publisher: [dār al-maʾārif] Printed at Dar al-Marref Printing and Publishing House

City of Publication: Cairo

Year of Publication: 1960

Pages: 213, illustration and diagrams

No index, no bibliography.











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