al-Ma’arif al-Aqiliya (Intellectual Knowledge)

The (Maʻārif al-ʻaqlīyah wa-lubāb al-ḥikmah al-īlāhīyah = Knowledge by intellect and the kernel of divine wisdom) is one of those minor works of Imām al-Ghazālī, C. Brockelmann #54, A. Badwai # 27 and M. Bouyges # 26 B. and M. cite it as authentic work (any work with number 69 or less is authentic with few exceptions). We do have mention of it by early author’s most prominently by Ibn Ṭufayal in the introduction to Ḥayy bin Yaqẓān [ see p. 114 in Beirut 1980 ed. Fārūq Sʿad; p.36, in Beirut 1993 ed. ʿAlī būMilḥim; p. 16 in Amman 1995 ed. ʿIṣām Fāris al-Ḥarstānī; and in English translation by L. E. Goodman (New York, 1972.) p. 102 where he translates the title as Modes of Awareness] where he discuses al-Ghazālī and the works that came to Andalusia. At any rate we a PDF of a published edition on line Thanks due to Dr. Abu Sway who kindly has provided us with  Maʻārif al-ʻaqlīyah li Imām Abī Ḥāmid al-Ghazālī, edited by Abd al-Karim al-Uthman, Dar al-Fikr bi Dimashq, Damascus, 1963 (PDF).  For more bibliographic details see our page on Philosophical and Logic works of Imam al-Ghazālī here (

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